General Meetings
Made Easy
Caplist is a powerful legal software to run secure and efficient digital general meetings
Total Control of Your General Meetings
Caplist has all functions in place to run a fully digital meeting in a secure manner
Choose between pre-voting, proxy-voting or live-voting in the meeting
Digital registration
Built in KYC-compliance through BankID-verification of all shareholders
Online voting system in real-time
Ballots and polls in real time for insights and decision making
Legal best practice
Get access to templates automatically updated with legal "best practice"
Say goodbye to paper
Promote your green credentials by going paperless
Keep Track of Your Shareholders
On Caplist you can create captables and securely maintain shareholder information compliant with relevant legislation
Verified Shareholder List
Investor Relations
GDPR Compliance
Digital Records
and Audit Trail
Digitise Your General Meeting and Shareholder Register
General meeting records and the shareholder register are digitised for greater accuracy, automated compliance and accessibility benefiting the company and its stakeholders
Our Pricing
NOK / month
Companies with up to 3 shareholders
Unlimited general meetings
Verified captable
Send investor updates
NOK / month
Companies with 4-19 shareholders
Unlimited general meetings
Verified captable
Send investor updates
Get in touch for a tailored solution

Companies with 20+ shareholders
Unlimited general meetings
Verified captable
Send investor updates
On-demand legal support
Board portal
Unlimited users
Personal onboarding
Access to professional meeting leaders
*All pricing plans include an unlimited number of general meetings per year
Support Via Chat
Chat for free with advisors from Caplist on items to your shareholder meeting and share ownership.
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About Us
On CapList you can create captables and maintain shareholder information in a secure way compliant with relevant legislation. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Est rutrum risus, a senectus in suspendisse. Metus donec ultricies mauris id quis. Diam, volutpat morbi bibendum.
We believe there is a better way
to run general meetings
Our platform makes general meetings straightforward with features that increase transparency, automates the legal paperwork, ensure stakeholder management and more. We support businesses shifting towards a digital course to optimize and create value from the general meetings.
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